Nutrient-rich 1KG Dried Mealworms for Animal Feed
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Pallet of 24 Boxes of 12.55kg Dried Mealworms: UK’s Ultimate Wholesale Value


Unlock unparalleled wholesale value with our pallet of 25 boxes, each filled with 12.55kg of nutrient-rich dried mealworms. VAT-free and quality-assured, it’s the UK’s top choice for bulk animal feed.


Pallet of 25 Boxes of Dried Mealworms: The Pinnacle of Wholesale Value in the UK


Step into the most cost-effective arena of animal feed solutions available for wholesale in the UK. We’ve designed this pallet—featuring 24 boxes, each containing 12.55kg of nutrient-packed dried mealworms—specifically for zoos, farms, pet stores, and various commercial applications. With VAT-free pricing, an unwavering commitment to quality, and convenient storage and delivery options, this pallet rises above as the unbeatable wholesale value in the UK.

Comprehensive Overview of Key Features

Nutritional Excellence in Every pallet of mealworms

Firstly, we take animal nutrition seriously. Loaded with essential proteins, fibers, and a multitude of nutrients, our dried mealworms offer a balanced diet for animals. To deepen your understanding of the nutritional value, we invite you to explore our Mealworm Nutrition Blog Article.

Unbeatable Value: VAT-Free and Wholesale Priced

In the world of wholesale, optimizing cost becomes a vital part of business sustainability. Therefore, our VAT-free, 24-box pallet offering comes as a relief to your budget. For those looking for smaller options with equally incredible savings, don’t hesitate to check out our 12.55kg Dried Mealworms

Consistently High Quality: Rigorous Testing and Safety Standards

Quality consistency stands as one of our prime commitments. Every batch undergoes stringent lab testing, confirming both quality and safety.

Packaging Engineered for Durability and Convenience

Beyond the product, the packaging too deserves a mention. Every box in the pallet is double-walled, constructed with durable brown cardboard. Additionally, we’ve sealed the mealworms inside a bag within each box, ensuring a longer shelf-life. For those in need of smaller quantities, our 1KG Dried Mealworms serve as an excellent alternative.

Deep Dive: Why This Pallet of Mealworms Elevates as The Ideal Choice

Cost-Efficiency Merges With Quality

When you buy in bulk, you don’t just save money; you invest in quality. Thus, our pallet option offers an optimal cost-to-quality ratio. The more you buy, the more you save—without a single compromise on animal health or happiness.

Versatility Across Various Applications

Beyond just cost-saving, the extensive range of applications for our dried mealworms warrants attention. From zoos and pet stores to farms, our mealworms meet a diverse range of dietary needs for multiple species. Dive into our blog to discover the extensive range of animals that benefit from our product.

Frequently Asked Questions surrounding our pallet of mealworms

What is the shelf-life of these mealworms?

Our dried mealworms, thanks to their premium packaging, enjoy an excellent shelf-life. For more details, we recommend reading our blog article here.

How should I store the pallet?

To maximize the product’s lifespan, store the pallet in a cool, dry place. We’ve designed each box to be double-walled, ensuring added protection against environmental factors.


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