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UK Premium Dried Mealworms for Birds: High-Protein, Omega-Rich Food for Birds, Reptiles, and Chickens – Long Shelf Life


Get your hands on the best dried mealworms from UKGrow Shop! Our dried mealworms are a perfect, long-lasting food source for your pet birds, reptiles, and amphibians. They are high in protein and easy to store, making them an ideal choice for any pet owner. Shop now for fast and reliable FREE 48 hour delivery with same day dispatch up to 5pm!


Introducing Our Premium Dried Mealworms for Birds: Unparalleled Nutrition For Your Pets and Wildlife

Why Our Premium Dried Mealworms Are the Ultimate Choice 🌟

When it comes to fulfilling the nutritional needs of your pets and local wildlife, nothing comes close to our Premium Dried Mealworms. Designed to provide a balanced diet with a blend of proteins, fats, and vitamins, these mealworms are more than just food; they’re a nutritional revolution.

Key Features: Your Quick Guide 🌟

A bar chart chart displaying the nutritional content of dried mealworms.

The nutritional breakdown of dried mealworms

High in Protein

With a protein content ranging between 53-55%, our mealworms are a protein-rich powerhouse, ideal for building strong muscles in pets. This impressive protein content surpasses that of many traditional pet food options. Protein is the cornerstone of any balanced diet, especially for pets who require higher protein intake for muscle development and maintenance. Our dried mealworms are particularly beneficial for birds, contributing to their vibrant feathers and overall well-being. If you’re looking to offer mealworms for birds, look no further than our high-protein options to meet their dietary needs. Check out our  blog article that delves into more detail on the nutritional breakdown here.

Rich in Healthy Fats

Containing 27-30% healthy fats, our mealworms also offer an essential blend of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, critical for heart and brain health. Fats are not just fillers; they are vital nutrients that contribute to cell structure and hormonal balance. The Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in our dried mealworms are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, making them an excellent choice for pets with joint or skin issues. Additionally, these healthy fats aid in nutrient absorption, ensuring your pets get the most out of their meals.

Extended Shelf Life

Thanks to our advanced drying technique, our mealworms have a shelf life stretching into years, not just weeks or months. This means you can stock up without worrying about spoilage, ultimately saving you both time and money in the long run. Moreover, the extended shelf life ensures the mealworms maintain their nutritional value over time, offering a consistently high-quality feeding option for your pets.

Versatility in Feeding

From birds and reptiles to chickens, these mealworms are suitable for a wide range of animals, making them incredibly versatile. Not all pet foods can claim such broad applicability. Whether you’re raising chickens in your backyard or keeping an exotic bird as a pet, our dried mealworms meet the diverse dietary needs of various animals. Their easy-to-serve nature makes them a convenient option for busy pet owners, contributing to the well-rounded diets of a multitude of pets.

Dive Deeper: The Fascinating World of Mealworms 🐛

Contrary to their name, mealworms aren’t really worms. They’re the larval stage of the darkling beetle. Rich in proteins, healthy fats, and fiber, they provide a balanced diet for various animals. Here’s an in-depth look at different types of mealworms.

Protein: The Building Block of Life 🧬

Proteins are crucial for cellular repair, muscle growth, and overall bodily functions. They contain essential amino acids that are not produced by the body and must be obtained from the diet. In this context, mealworms serve as an excellent source of high-quality protein.

The Importance of Fatty Acids 🌰

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Your Heart’s Best Friend

Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats that have anti-inflammatory properties. They are known to:

  • Reduce bad cholesterol levels.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Enhance mental health and clarity.

By providing a rich source of Omega 3, our mealworms contribute significantly to cardiovascular health.

Omega 6 Fatty Acids in Dried Mealworms: The Unsung Hero of Nutrition

Omega 6 fatty acids are equally crucial but often overlooked. They are vital for:

  • Strengthening the structural integrity of the brain.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Aiding in muscle development by providing a consistent energy source.

Fiber: The Unsung Hero of Digestion 🌾

Fiber aids in digestion and helps in the absorption of nutrients. Mealworms provide a respectable amount of fiber, thereby supporting digestive health and helping in weight management.

The Longevity and Freshness Factor: Our Promise to You 🌍

Our advanced drying process not only extends the shelf life but also retains their nutritional value. This means you get a product that stays fresh for years, not weeks.

Reusability and Sustainability: The Way Forward 🌳

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond words. We package our products in reusable, recyclable tubs made from food-safe plastics. We strongly encourage you to wash and reuse these tubs to minimize waste. You can get pallets of mealworms here.

Mealworms Tailored for Your Pets 🐾

For Birds: A Nutritional Feast 🐦

Birds, particularly fledglings, require a protein-rich diet for feather formation and general well-being. Our worms are a perfect fit. When used in conjunction with our Wild Bird Seed Mix, it results in a balanced and nutritious diet. We have just released a new blog article that takes an in depth look into feeding mealworms to birds, check it out by clicking here.

For Reptiles: Beyond Just Insects 🦎

Reptiles like Geckos and Skinks are protein-dependent creatures that require a varied diet for balanced nutrition. Mealworms offer them essential proteins and fats that contribute to their overall health and well-being. Read More About Mealworms for reptiles here.

Chickens: The Cluck-Worthy Choice 🐔

Chickens need a high-protein diet for muscle development and egg production. Our mealworms provide them with the necessary proteins and other essential nutrients, making them an excellent choice for your poultry. further information on feeding mealworms to poultry can be found here: at Raising Happy Chickens Website 

FAQs: What You Need to Know about  Mealworms📚

How Long Do the Mealworms Last?

When stored in a cool, dry place, they can last for years, thanks to our specialised drying process.

Are These Mealworms Suitable for All Pets?

Yes, they are safe for a wide variety of animals. They are processed under stringent quality control measures to ensure safety and nutrition.

Can They Be Fed to Wild Animals?

Yes, they are safe for wildlife. However, consult a wildlife expert for specific feeding recommendations.

Do You Supply Trade Customers?

Absolutely! We are thrilled to announce that our top-selling products are now available for wholesale purchases.  Ideal for resellers, large-scale farmers, or anyone in need of high volumes, our wholesale option offers both value and quality in one package. Check out our  Wholesale Page here. 

Why Our Mealworms Are Your Best Bet 🌟

In a market flooded with sub-par products, our Premium Dried Mealworms stand out for their quality, nutrition, and sustainability. They are not just another animal feed; they are a testament to our commitment to providing the best for your pets and the environment. So why settle for less when you can have the best? Add to Cart Now.

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