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Orchid Mist Spray is a foliar spray mist designed to provide orchids with essential nutrients and hydration. With a unique blend of minerals, humic acid, and fulvic acid, Orchid Mist Spray enhances growth and blooming of orchids, promoting healthy soil and root growth.




Revitalize Your Orchids with Orchid Mist Spray

The Ultimate Solution for Orchid Care

If you’re a fan of orchids, you know how important it is to give them the proper care. Orchids are delicate plants that require the right balance of water, sunlight, and nutrients to thrive. To help your orchids reach their full potential, we introduce Orchid Mist Spray – the ultimate solution for orchid care.

Our Orchid Mist Spray is a specially formulated foliar spray mist that provides your orchids with the essential nutrients and hydration they need to stay healthy and vibrant. This product is designed to be sprayed directly onto your orchids’ leaves and roots, ensuring that every part of your plant is receiving the necessary nutrients and moisture.

Enhance Growth and Blooming

Orchid Mist Spray contains a unique blend of nutrients and minerals that are specifically designed to enhance the growth and blooming of your orchids. Our formula includes essential elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as trace minerals like iron and calcium, that are vital for healthy plant growth.

In addition to these essential nutrients, Orchid Mist Spray also contains humic acid and fulvic acid. These organic compounds promote healthy soil and root growth, which is essential for orchids to absorb the nutrients they need to thrive.

Easy to Use

Using Orchid Mist Spray is incredibly easy. Simply spray the mist directly onto your orchids’ leaves and roots, taking care to cover every part of the plant. You can use this product every two weeks, or as needed, to keep your orchids healthy and vibrant.

Available in Four Convenient Sizes

We understand that every orchid enthusiast has different needs when it comes to caring for their plants. That’s why we offer Orchid Mist Spray in four different sizes, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Our 300ml bottle is perfect for those with just a few orchids or who want to try Orchid Mist Spray for the first time. The 500ml and 750ml bottles are ideal for those with a larger collection of orchids. And for serious orchid enthusiasts or commercial growers, we offer a 1L bottle that provides ample supply to care for a large number of orchids.

The Benefits of Using Orchid Mist Spray

Provides essential nutrients and hydration to your orchids
Enhances growth and blooming of orchids
Contains humic acid and fulvic acid to promote healthy soil and root growth
Easy to use
Available in four convenient sizes
If you want to keep your orchids healthy and vibrant, there’s no better solution than Orchid Mist Spray. Try it today and see the difference it can make in your orchids’ growth and blooming.

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