Bonsai Soil


Our Bonsai soil is a specialized blend of fine-textured ingredients that provide the perfect balance of drainage, aeration, and moisture retention for your bonsai trees. The carefully selected mix of organic matter and mineral-based components will support the root health and development of your bonsai, ensuring that they grow into beautiful, miniature works of art.



Bonsai Soil – The Perfect Growing Environment

Hand-Mixed and Formulated with Key Ingredients

We hand mix all of our Bonsai Soil to ensure it always meets our high standards. This allows us to always keep the mixture consistent and free of contaminants.

It is specially formulated to provide the perfect growing environment for your bonsai trees. It is a blend of several key ingredients, including perlite, Akadama, grit, sand, and compost.

Perlite, Akadama, Grit, Sand, and Compost – The Key Ingredients in Bonsai Soil

Perlite is a type of volcanic glass that is highly porous and lightweight, it helps to improve drainage and aeration. Akadama is a type of clay that is commonly used in bonsai, it helps to retain moisture and provide a stable environment for the roots.

We enhance drainage and aeration in the soil by adding grit and sand. We also provide essential nutrients for the bonsai tree by including compost, which serves as a natural source of organic matter and releases nutrients slowly for the bonsai tree to absorb.

Bonsai Soil Hand-Mixed for Quality and Consistency

We hand-mix our bonsai soil to guarantee the highest quality and consistency in every batch, ensuring your bonsai receives the best possible care. We specially formulate our soil to create the optimal growing environment for bonsai trees. Therefore our soil ensures superior drainage and aeration, and provides a constant supply of essential nutrients.


Re-potting is an important aspect of their care and maintenance. It helps to promote healthy root growth by pruning pot-bound roots and replacing old soil with fresh soil. This ensures that the tree has access to enough water and nutrients, and prevents the soil from becoming compacted and preventing proper drainage. Additionally, re-potting can help to slow down the growth of the tree and maintain its desired size. Overall, regular re-potting is necessary for the long-term health and beauty of your bonsai tree.


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