Standard line carbon filters highlight horticulture

Size: 4inch x 200mm
Sale price£21.99


Standard line carbon filters  

These are budget standard filters . 

They will remove all the unwanted smells from the grow room/ grow tent 


  • Silently Eliminate Grow Room Odours
  • Super Lightweight
  • Supplied with 2 Pre-Filters
  • Virgin Granular Activated Carbon - Australian mined
  • Strong and robust aluminium construction
  • Minimal pressure drop



The Carbon filter is a top-quality and affordable air filter. It's made for use with all hydroponic grow systems and it has an extensive lifespan of up to 12 months. The high-performance air filter is made for air treatment. Growers must change the sleeves of the filter or wash them every 3 months to protect the unit. The unit is perfect for both amateur and professional growers.

General Information

  • The unit is a top-quality and affordable air filter;
  • The carbon filter is made for air treatment in the grow room;
  • It has a 12 months lifespan.


  • It's durable and resistant;
  • It's made in accordance with the highest standards of performance and quality.



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