ROOT!T Propagation Kit

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ROOT!T Propagation Kit


The ROOT!T Propagation Kit is a premium and high-performance kit made for cuttings and seedlings. The kit includes 24 premium rooting sponges in a tray, samples of Rooting Gel, First Feed, and a sterile scalpel. The unit delivers the best germination. Growers use the kit to achieve top-quality and strong crops.


General Information

  • The premium ROOT!T Propagation Kit comprises 24 rooting sponges in a tray, a sterile scalpel, and samples of Rooting Gel and First Feed;
  • The insert tray's dimensions are 38cm x 24cm x 18.5cm;
  • The kit is made for cuttings and seedlings;
  • It's made for use during the propagation phase.



  • The kit is easy to use;
  • It's reliable and made of top-quality materials;
  • It's made at ROOT!T's highest standards of quality and performance.


The Science

Growers use the kit with seedlings and cuttings. The kit delivers optimum germination and healthy crops.


How to Use

Use the kit according to ROOT!T's instructions.

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