Plant!t YoYo Plant Support Device (8 Pack)

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PLANT!T YoYo Box Of 8 Plant It Support Yo Yo Hangers Retractable Hydroponics


Plant!t YoYo Plant Support Device (8 Pack)

This amazing product has been as bestseller for years. It tightens as your plants grow eliminating the need to rehang every other day!

Designed to secure, support and train a variety of unruly or heavy cropping plants in their desired position. The YoYo comes with a 1.4 metre line that is fully retractable. Ideal for fruiting plants such as, tomatoes and other vine crops.

Can also be used to support heavy cropping trusses. Simply wrap around your plant and secure around the stem with the hook and watch your plants grow straight and true.

  • Plant!t YoYo Plant Support
  • Supports plants without constraining them.
  • Helps with sculptural training, removing the need to use string or ties.
  • PLANT!T YoYos automatically tighten as plants grow.
  • No need to constantly adjust the device as the plants grow.

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