Plagron euro clay pebbles 45ltr

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Plagron euro clay pebbles 


Euro Pebbles is an inert hydrological substrate quality. As raw material used pure and salt-free clays that are baked in an open oven until the characteristic irregular shape. Euro Pebbles is widely applicable because the nutritional value itself is sending. This substrate is suitable for various farming methods, but specifically for recirculating systems. Euro Pebbles is washed.

application Hydrological breed for the highest yield. Features


  • Has a high water holding capacity and oxygen
  • Suitable for various cultivation methods
  • Suitable for recirculating systems
  • Pre washed 

user Euro Pebbles after a harvest in a solution with Pure Zym and a pH value of 5.5 for 24 hours. Rinse them thoroughly with a nutrient solution containing 1 ml per liter  and a pH-value of 5.5. Euro Pebbles can be used for many years.

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