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PH up/down Growth


Growth Technology PH Up & Down 250ML 1LTR Aquarium Hydroponics Nutrients


Growth Technology PH Up & Down 250ML 1LTR

Growth Technology pH Up & Down is a fantastic nutrient solution for raising or lowering the acidity level of your nutrient solution. Maintaining the correct pH level is crucial for healthy plant growth.


  • Contains mineral salts and no chemicals
  • For use alongside other nutrients and additives
  • Helps to regulate the pH level of your nutrient solution

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Grow Technology PH Down
An 81% solution of phosphoric acid, used to lower the pH of nutrient solutions. It is reasonably acidic of course. Though not really dangerous, pH DOWN should certainly be handled with caution.

Grow Technology PH Up
This is a 25% solution of potassium hydroxide, used to raise the pH of nutrient solutions. It is a very basic (alkaline) solution and should be handled with care.

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