Monkey Boost

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Monkey Boost

Monkey Boost is a metabolism enhancer that massively increases your plants genetic potential, with sweeter results. A combination of natural growth stimulants , amino acids and carbohydrates. Boost will allow your plants to meet the high energy demands of fruit and flower production, with its formula for increasing photosynthesis and sugar content. This will maximise the yields and quality of your labour providing richer heavier harvests. Made from all natural ingredients, Monkey Boost will enhance flavour and weight , whilst keeping plant micro-life happy at the same time. Give your plants the boost they deserve, when they need it. 

WHAT IS Monkey Boost?

Boost is a natural cocktail of plant growth stimulants, amino acids & carbohydrates. When combined they enhance fruit quality, flavour and yield.

Triacontanol: It is a growth hormone (stimulant) found naturally in alfalfa meal, sugar cane and Beeswax.

L- Amino acids: “The building blocks of life” Vital for plant life just like in animals. playing essential roles in plant growth and development.

Carbohydrates : Sugars in various forms such as oligosaccharides which are derived naturally from sugar beat extract (molasses).

WHY USE Monkey Boost?

Fruits. While heavy yields are important, delicious fruits are also key. Boost increases essential oil and terpene production, allowing for sweeter heavier fruits.

Research has shown Triacontanol to be a powerful growth stimulant, effecting basic metabolic processes such as photosynthesis, enzyme activity, nutrient uptake, CO2 assimilation and therefore ; yields.

Amino acids are essential for chlorophyl development and increases the rate of photosynthesis. This then increases the amount of sugars the plant can create and store in its fruits.

Carbohydrates provide food for the plant and its micro-life. The high supply and demand for carbohydrates and energy during flower allows for the plant to reach its maximum yield and potential.

HOW DOES Monkey Boost  WORK?

Natural growth stimulants, directly affect metabolic processes due to their up-regulating qualities. In the correct doses they significantly increase the rate of core functions such as photosynthesis. With energy demands high in flower, increased nutrient uptake and CO2 assimilation aids with the extra photosynthetic power, generating more carbohydrates for the plant.

Amino acids make up the majority of chlorophyl which is the pigment that absorbs light in the process of photosynthesis. When providing more building blocks for the plant to synthesise more chlorophyll the plant can meet its photosynthetic demand which is at its peak during flower and fruit production.

Monkey Boost is not only for the plant, but also it’s micro-life. In order for plants to thrive, their symbiotic partners must also eat. Powering bacterial bio-stimulants during flower allows the plant to focus on creating its own natural sugars.


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