Iso Max silenced Acoustic tube fans

Size: 150mm (6 inch) Isomax Acoustic Fan (410m3/hour)
Sale price£249.99


Iso Max silenced Acoustic tube fans



Whatever your needs, we’ve got it covered.

From the familiar, proven, reliable, and economically priced Can-Fans to the unbelievably efficient, mixed-flow, fan of the future, Max Fans, the same quality-driven values and German construction are behind each and every one of our fans makes them more than the right fit for your application, it makes them a smart investment. Choosing our fans not only brings professional performance to your system but also comes with the peace of mind that your fan will be there, working for you, day in and day out. And in the off chance you need it, all of our fans are covered by a 5-year warranty. From 4”-28” ranging from 120- 24,000 CFM and holding static pressures up to 3.5 in. w. g..


The unstoppable rise of Isomax Acoustic Fans has been one of the major success stories of recent years in the UK indoor gardening market. With a reassuringly robust design and high quality components, each of the four units will comfortably help you overcome the challenges of extracting air from a modern grow room. Key features include the innovative baffle and acoustic lined chamber (much like a very large silencer) that successfully combine to minimise overall noise output whilst allowing for movement of gargantuan amounts of air. Both of the two smaller fans also provide convenient inbuilt fan speed controllers, offering even more value for money! Very highly recommended!

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