Indica Afghan Nectar

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Indica  Afghan Nectar



The ultimate bud booster with triple activity!

Induce your flowering plants to massively increase the yield of resin production in your fruits by the addition of three key inputs;

1)high quality sugars, that act as ‘metabolic shortcuts’ replacing the need for photosynthesis to provide the building blocks for further metabolite production. This is critical during flowering when you want no obstruction to bioactive production, but at the same time you do not want masses of foliage crowding out the buds.

2)potassium and phosphorus nutritionare the key elements that are especially needed in high levels in flowering plants to produce the enzymes required for terpene production.

3)triacontanol. A natural fatty alcohol biostimulant extracted from beeswax which has been repeatedly proved to increase photosynthesis and yield in plants. AtIndicawe solubilize triacontanol without the surfactants and solvents found in other products (ethanol, TWEEN, petroleum etc) that are toxic to your plants.

Indica’s AFGHAN NECTARprovides all three of these inputs in a highly concentrated, balanced and high-quality form.AFGHAN NECTARalso contains natural saponins to open up the growing media which can become restricted in crops after several weeks of growth.

The concentration of sugars, potassium, phosphorus, and triacontanol inAFGHAN NECTARare at the same levels or higher than would be found in most standalone products!




Shake bottle before use.

Once you have reduced the daylength to induce flowering, empty your tank/reservoir and fill with fresh water, apply base nutrients.

AddAFGHAN NECTARat 1mL / litre at the start of flowering. Raise to 2mL / litre in the final weeks of flowering.

Wash hands after use.

For best results, use in combination withMESSIAH for hydro/soil crops, orINDICA TEMPLE COCOwhen cultivating in coco/coir (coconut fibre).

After addition, check the pH of the solution is at the optimum for crops = 5.5-6.5. pH will vary depending upon local water quality and any other additives you are using.

Do not use in combination with other PK boosts, sugar-based boost, or triacontanol boost products.

Nutrient content (w/v)

Phosphorus (as P2O5)       7%

Potassium (as K2O)           5%


Formulated specifically for crops growing in hydroponics, coco/coir, and soil using premium grade raw materials and ultra-pure water.

Store out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat (4-30○C). Keep out of reach of children. For further details on the safe use and handling see the safety data sheet or ask a representative.

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