Hydroponic Rope Ratchet Grow Adjustable Light Filter Hanger Tent Indoor Growing

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Hydroponic Rope Ratchet


2 x Pairs = 4pcs

3 x Pairs = 6pcs

5 x Pair = 10pcs

10 x Pairs = 20pcs

50 x Pairs = 100pcs


The Rope Ratchet Light Hanger is a pair of hangers for your grow light. It allow you to secure items quickly and easily.

Comes with lock ratchets both ends to prevent from breaking & Slipping.

Made with special composite material.
Heat and cold resistant
Carabineer clips provide a secure hold. 
Great for hoisting and securing
2.4 metre rope length


Can be used on all Hydroponic Growing & Photography equipment

Grow Tent / Room

Light Fixtures
Carbon Filters
Ventilation Equipment

Length is 8’ (240cm) braided polypropylene rope

Maximum weight capacity is 150lbs / 68kg
Excellent for use with large reflectors
Package: 2pcs in double blister packaging


Simple to use

Attach the quick release carabineer clips to the secure object, then pull the cord until the correct height is reached

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