Future Harvest Hollands Secret 3 part base feed

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Future Harvest Hollands Secret  Holland Secret 3-Part

Holland Secret is a complete 3-Part Fertilizer with all of the essential elements and trace minerals that a plant needs. It can be used with any grow medium, (soil, coco or hydro) in any situation (cuttings, vegetative, flowering). 

Our product is always sediment and urea free and pH buffered for ease of use. With Holland Secret, additives are used only to  tweak and maximize performance. Best of all Holland Secret really works!

It is perfect for experts or novice growers as there is no need for individual fertilizers, because the three bottles, have a formula for all situations. Growers will experience no deficiencies when using Holland Secret alone.  Without additives, many fertilizers on the market are not quite complete and when used in isolation can be found lacking, creating plant deficiencies.

At Future Harvest we are focused on quality.

Our fertilizers, additives, and grow supplements are developed and manufactured with only the finest organic minerals and raw materials available.  Future Harvest Hollands Secret

Working in continued research collaboration with universities across North America, we have created exacting processes & quality control measures.  We produce over 12,000 litres of RO sterilized water daily for use within our nutrient and liquid additives. We utilize a fully automated bottling line so we can ensure the quality and consistency of our product.

Future Harvest Nutrients are also sediment free. While other fertilizer and nutrient solutions will clog up your irrigation system, all Future Harvest products are specifically formulated to be deposit free and mix easily. Future Harvest products are designed to work in all applications: it is the ONLY choice for all drip feed, hydroponic, and irrigation systems.

Our team is passionate about growing, and our goal is to make Future Harvest Nutrients the “logical choice” for your growing needs.

If you are tired of being plagued with clogged irrigation systems, it's time you tried Future Harvest. Spend more time growing and less time maintaining your system!


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