Perlite 10L Eden Essentials

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Perlite 10L Eden Essentials  Perlite

Providing a great addition to existing growing media for plants, Eden Essentials Perlite is used to improve drainage and aeration to grower’s soil or coco. By mixing this into soil or coco, growers can increase aeration to the roots and therefore improve root mass.


  • 2-4mm perlite 
  • Improves aeration and drainage
  • Suitable for hydroponic systems
  • Strengthens root growth 

Maximise Aeration in the Growing Medium - the Natural Way!

Perlite is widely used in soil-mixes to improve drainage, water-retention and to help stop clumping. Create your own soil-mix or improve the one you use already by simply mixing some perlite in. Great gardening product.


How Perlite Works

Perlite is an inert medium made from expanded volcanic glass. Perlite granules have a rough porous texture with a huge surface area. Because of this property, perlite can hold a lot of water on its surface. As perlite is granular, it helps to prevent a soil-mix from clumping together and allows water to drain more freely through it.

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