Dutch Pro Leaf Green

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Dutch Pro Leaf Green

Foliar Spray: Protecting Your Plants' Vitality

Leaf Green gives plants a healthy and vital appearance.Leaf Green is recommended for plants that have difficulties during their initial development. Leaf Green contains several essential micronutrients that help plants during times of nutrient deficiency. It also stimulates the production of green pigment in the leaves. Leaf Green can be applieddirectly to the plants. The plants will entirely absorb our high-quality components.


*No PGRs are used in any of our products


Leaf Green Dutchpro nutrients

No More Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiency harms plants and makes it vulnerable to fungi and bacteria related diseases. Nutrient deficiency can be discovered by leaves turning yellow. Leaf Green containsseveral vital micronutrientsthat help plants during times of nutrient deficiency. Leaf Green's formula is specialised in combating and preventing deficiencies.


Leaf Green Dutchpro Nutrients

More Attractive Plants

Leaf Green turns this yellowish discoloring found in plants into a farmore attractive and fresh-looking green color. It also works in helping to improve nutrient absorption. Leaf Green works tostimulate the production of green pigmentin the leaves, which will enhance the photosynthetic process that growers need for a great result.


Dutchpro Nutrients Leaf Green All Sizes

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