Biobizz Leaf coat foliar spray

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BioBizz Leaf Coat is a 100% organic plant strengthener. Leaf coat forms a protective barrier over your plants leaves repelling harmful insects and fungi

How BioBizz Leaf Coat Works

BioBizz Leaf Coat is a 100% organic product used as a foliar-spray, Leaf Coat is derived from beeswax and forms a protective barrier made of natural latex over leaves. This barrier does not affect the plant but it makes it very difficult for insects to feed and for fungi like powdery mildew to take hold. Leaf Coat can be used as a preventative measure against pests and moulds or as part of an extermination program for a current infestation. The beeswax also acts as a natural growth regulator that gives your cuttings a boost. Leaf Coat naturally breaks down a few days after application. 



BioBizz Leaf Coat is a 100% organic plant strengthener, used to form a protective barrier over your plant leaves to repel harmful insects and fungi.

It is made from natural latex, plant waxes, seaweed (kelp) and fish oil and works to cover the leaf with a thin rubbery coating. This barrier deters the feeding of insects but does not affect the plant.

Leaf Coat can be used every time the plant is watered for the whole life of the plant until flowering starts, working as a preventative measure against pests and moulds. The formula naturally breaks down 2 weeks after application.


  • Certified organic
  • Forms a protective barrier over leaves
  • Repels harmful insects and fungi
  • Perfect for use with the range of BioBizz nutrients and additives


Thoroughly spray plant leaves once per week from the start of growth to the beginning of flowering. Ensure spray covers both the tops and undersides of leaves, wetting them fully. After spraying, allow plants to dry before switching on the grow-lamp.

BioBizz Leaf Coat can be used on plants grown in any type of system and in any substrate.

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