Advanced nutrients microbial munch 1l

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Advanced nutrients microbial munch 1l

Growers love beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi because it’s like bringing the best of mother nature’s symbiotic species into your growing. Now, you can support, strengthen and flat out maximise the benefits from all the microbes and fungi you care about with Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch!

Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch is like superfood for beneficial species it’s exactly what they need to eat to multiply their replication rate and transform them into bigger, stronger, more resilient and more beneficial creatures. In short, it’s like putting them on steroids. Plus, because it’s their favorite food source it’s 100% bacteria and fungi free meaning it will support any and all beneficial bacteria or fungi.

If your microbes notice resources are running dry, they start to whither? Well that’s where Microbial Munch comes in.

This cocktail of nutrients is aimed directly at full reduction of lag phase, and the maximisation of the exponential phase.

Whichever beneficial you’re using for your root zone will be forced into action as soon as possible, and stay in the fight until the bitter end.



Beneficial bacteria and fungi are adored by growers as it’s the equivalent of bringing Mother Nature into your indoor garden, this is where Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch is a much needed product to help enhance this natural resource.

Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch acts like a ‘superfood’, not to the plants directly, but for the beneficial species, which occur naturally in the growing medium and when readily available in the right qualities, they’ll aid the health and growth of your plants.

Microbial Munch helps these species to multiply their replication rate, transforming them so they’re bigger, stronger and more resilient, much like giving these beneficial species a boost of steroids. The result is your plants will love you for this addition as they’ll display healthy and rapid growth helping to increase the abundance of your crop at harvest.


Use 2ml per litre in weeks 1-2 of the bloom cycle.

Recommended to be used along with

  • Voodoo Juice
  • Piranha
  • & Tarantula.

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